Our Process

You've worked hard to build your business. Let us work hard to protect it.

We know that working with an insurance broker isn’t usually fun. Getting quotes can be too complex and time consuming, plus your policy itself can be hard to understand. Our goal is to change that. We take an educational approach, helping people learn about and get the best deal on commercial insurance, through everything from blog articles to phone conversations. And we make sure you’re happy with the process.

When working with us, you’ll have a different, better experience. Here’s why:

You choose how to purchase your insurance.

Some people want to purchase insurance online, and some want to talk to an expert who can guide them through the process. With LandesBlosch, you can do either. We have invested in technology and carefully curated your options, so you decide how you want to interact with us.

When you move forward with an online quote, you receive an email that introduces your assigned agent and guides you on how to get any questions answered. If you prefer to call us, you can speak to an expert immediately.

You get lightning fast quotes and response times.

For most business types, we can provide a quote within the same business day of receiving your information. For large and complex businesses, we provide a timeline of when we’ll complete the quote upfront.

If you have a question, need a quote, or want to change your policy, just call our office. We always pick up and you’ll get an immediate response.

We help you compare your options.

Receiving quotes from multiple insurance companies and having to make a decision can be confusing. How can you be confident you’re choosing the right policy? We help you understand the pros and cons of each option, so you walk away knowing you got the best deal and best coverage for your specific needs.

If we can't help, we will try to find someone who can.

We’ve been in the commercial insurance business since 1922, and we realized a long time ago that an insurance brokerage that does everything specializes in nothing.

If you happen to fall into a category that we cannot assist, we will help you find a reputable insurance broker that is an expert in your business. We truly want everyone to find the best insurance policy for their needs, even if we don’t write it.