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You worked hard to build your home and business. We’ll work hard to protect it. We'll get to know you, find the right insurance products to fit your needs, and offer honest advice about the best ways to protect your assets. We make relationships, not sales, which is why you can always count on us to go the extra mile.

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construction Liability For Defects In Construction - Who Is Responsible?
Austin Landes, CIC
Liability For Defects In Construction - Who Is Responsible?

A construction defect occurs when a portion or the entirety of a construction project fails to comply with the agreements laid out in the contract....Read More

business Hiring a Contractor Without Insurance - What Are The Risks?
Austin Landes, CIC
Hiring a Contractor Without Insurance - What Are The Risks?

If you’re a homeowner, business owner, or real estate investor, your properties require maintenance. Roofs wear down, plumbing leaks, and sometimes...Read More

business Agreed Amount Endorsement - What Is It?
Austin Landes, CIC
Agreed Amount Endorsement - What Is It?

The agreed amount endorsement form, often known as the agreed value clause, is an endorsement added to a property policy when the insured and the i...Read More

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Why Choose Us?

We Answer To You

We Answer To You

We aren’t owned by a bank or a specific carrier, which means our insurance advisors work only for you. You can be confident our independent insurance agents will find the optimal carrier for your needs.

We Offer Options

We Offer More Options

You won’t find any pre-packaged options (or their hidden exclusions) here. Our agency maintains partnerships with over 100 carriers, so our commercial insurance services include customizing policies to solve problems other companies can’t. Even specialized businesses, small or large, get exactly the coverage they need.

We Want To Help You Grow

We Help You Grow

Taking advantage of our risk management and insurance services means you don’t need to sink excessive working capital into protecting yourself from loss. We’ll advise you on the best ways to transfer your risk so you can use your capital for business growth activities, like hiring new employees or investing in product research.

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