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Small Business Insurance Quote Online

Buying insurance to protect your business can often be time consuming, expensive, and complicated. It doesn't have to be such a chore, though! LandesBlosch will help you get the coverage you need, without the hassle. Simply submit some basic information and you can have a general liability, property, or E&O quote ready in less than five minutes.

You can start a quote online, 24/7 and there’s absolutely no obligation to purchase. If you’d like more information once you receive your quote, we'll work together to tailor the insurance products to fit your needs, and offer honest advice about the best ways to protect your assets. 

Below are brief descriptions of the types of coverage we specialize in:

Online General Liability Quotes For Small Businesses

Commercial general liability insurance covers legal liability arising from your business operations. Specifically, this policy covers bodily injury or property damage that you cause to others while conducting business.

This policy is essential for any small business, and is often the only insurance policy a business will purchase when it is first starting out.

A standard general liability policy covers $1,000,000 per occurrence (per incident) and $2,000,000 total for the policy period (usually 12 months).

Online E&O Quotes For Small Businesses

An errors and omissions (E&O) policy, also known as a professional liability insurance policy, covers your mistakes when rendering your professional services.

An E&O policy covers your business when it harms someone financially, but does not cause bodily injury or property damage, so the general liability policy would not apply.

Not all businesses need this coverage, but if you are in a field such as consulting, accounting, real estate, or personal services, this coverage is mandatory.

For businesses offering these types of services, it is common to get in legal conflict with a customer arising out of situations like giving bad advice or making documentation mistakes in your work that result in negative financial repercussions. An E&O policy would cover these types of claims!

Online Business Personal Property Quotes For Small Businesses

As your small business grows, you will most assuredly accumulate property that you use to conduct business. Business-owned property—such as computers, desks, equipment, tools, and more—are items many small businesses invest heavily in.

If all the business property you’ve accumulated over the years were to be stolen or damaged due to a natural disaster, it would be very difficult to replace all at once. Additionally, the absence of that equipment might make it impossible to generate the revenue you need to replace it.

Business personal property insurance will protect your investments, replacing them if needed so your business can continue operations after a theft or disaster.

Online Workers Compensation Quotes for Small Businesses (Coming Soon!)

If you have employees, you are most likely required by state law to carry workers compensation insurance to pay for any medical bills or lost wages if an employee is injured while on the job.

Additionally, small-business owners with no employees sometimes have to purchase this policy in order to meet insurance requirements for a business they want to work with.

This coverage will soon be available via an instant online quote, but in the meantime you can still reach out to one of our experts for a workers compensation quote.

Fast, Online Insurance Quotes For A Variety Of Industries

If your business falls within any of the following industries, we can provide you with a quote in no time:

  • Personal Services (including beauticians, manicurists, and barbers)
  • Residential & Commercial Trade Contractors (including electrical, masonry, plumbing, HVAC, and painting)
  • Medical Offices (including doctors, dentists, and chiropractors)
  • Professional Services (including accountants, architects, engineers, insurance agents, and real estate agents)
  • Retail stores (including home-based businesses and internet stores)
  • Business Consultants (including HR, marketing, business management, and education)
  • Pet Services (including boarders, groomers, and veterinarians)
  • Wholesalers and Distributors
  • Outpatient Mental Health Services
  • Testing Laboratories
  • Health and Fitness (including gym owners, personal trainers, and yoga/pilates/dance instructors)
  • Florists
  • Freelance Businesses (including photographers, graphic designers, and IT technicians)
  • Hobbyist Clubs and Organizations (including women's auxiliaries, fan/booster clubs, and senior citizen associations)
  • Restaurants and Bakeries (including caterers)
  • Funeral Homes and Mortuaries
  • Landscape and Janitorial Services
  • Publishing and Printers
  • Property Management
  • Dry Cleaners

Unable to get a quote online? Schedule a 15-minute call to get a quote for your unique business!

Getting an online quote is easy, but it might not be the right option for your particular business. If any of the following apply to you, calling us for a custom quote is your best bet:

  • You own a high-risk business
  • You own a very unique business
  • You have more than just basic insurance needs

No matter how complex, uncommon, or hazardous your business, we can help. Give us a call and in 15 minutes, we’ll gather your information and find an insurance company specializing in coverage for the type of business you own.

Austin Landes, CIC

About The Author: Austin Landes, CIC

Austin is an experienced Commercial Risk Advisor specializing in property & casualty risk management for religious institutions, real estate, construction, and manufacturing.

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